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Ancillary Insurance

vision insurance

Ancillary insurance is just a term for miscellaneous extra coverages that aren't part of your average health insurance policy.


This program will help you replace lost income in the event of an unforseen accident or illness. Disability programs can cover you on a short-term basis (up to 26 weeks) or long-term (up to several years) and will be based on your income level.

Long Term Care

Extended living situations in nursing homes/assisted living facilities are becoming more common. In-home nursing care can also exact quite a toll on finances. Long-term care coverage helps offset expenses in these areas.


Dental is our most requested benefit! A variety of coverage options will allow you to get full dental benefits for you and your family at a cost that doesn't cripple your wallet. Remember...if you ignore your smile, it will go away!


Your eyes are important and require yearly checkups to maintain your vision. Chu & Associates has coverage available to cover your checkups, as well as glasses and/or contact lenses.

You can even get a quote or sign up for VSP Vision by clicking here