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Prescription Drug Lists

prescription insurance

Many of our clients have seen HUGE savings on their prescription costs by making use of the new $4/month and $10/3 month supply generic prescription lists at their local pharmacies. You don't even have to run your prescriptions through your insurance to use the program. Just locate your prescription on one of the following lists and have it filled at that pharmacy. Not all generics are included in all lists, so you might have to compare lists to see if you can locate your medications.

In addition to the programs below, our agency has also negotiated a no-cost Prescription Drug Discount Card through the Canal Fulton Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy average savings of 19-20% on brand name drugs and average savings up to 79% for generics! Cards can also be used for the purchase of diabetic equipment, vision expenses, and hearing aids. 

  • Buehler's (now Ritzman Pharmacy) - Ritzman Pharmacy now runs the pharmacy locations within Buehler's. They have a prescription club, and it is unclear from the website if there is a fee to join.
  • Discount Drug Mart- offers a limited number of prescriptions for $1.99 for 30 days and $5.89 for 90 days.
  • Giant Eagle
  • Kmart - Discounts are available, however, Kmart requires that you enroll in a "club", complete with an annual fee ($10 for individuals or families as of 3/18/13), for the priviledge.
  • Kroger - $4/10 Program
  • Marc's - Two options: a limited number of prescriptions for $1.99 for 30 days and $5.89 for 90 days. Also has a $4/10 Generic Rx List
  • Meijer - Does not offer the $4/$10 program, but has provisions for free antibiotics and prenatal vitamins.
  • Rite Aid - Offers discounts through their own "Script Save" program. You must enroll to get your 30-day supply of listed generics for $9.99 and 90-day supplies for $15.99.
  • Sam's Club- There are two different programs for discount prescriptions available at Sam's Club. The first, is a standard $4/10 program. The second, is a discounted rate for a select list of more expensive medications. You must be a Plus Member of Sam's Club to qualify for either program
  • Target - Standard $4/10 Generic Rx List
  • Walgreens - Walgreens also has a "prescription savings club" that you join with an annual fee to qualify for discounts. ($20 for individuals, $35 for families as of 3/18/13)
  • Walmart - $4/10 Program

Also, many of our providers offer online access to your prescription benefits and mail order information.