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The Chu & Associates (CA) Team

Every single person at our agency is an important cog in the machine. We all have our responsibilities and our team works well together.

Dan Chu - Managing Partner

Dan is the last one to take credit for a job well done and the first one to take the blame for a mistake, whether he was responsible or not. He has worked hard to give us each the tools we need to take ownership of our jobs, and we don't begrudge him the opportunity to take the afternoon off from time to time if the weather is nice and the greens are calling.

Scott Demko - Health Agent & Founding Partner

Scott has been partnered with Dan in the insurance business since 1991. He heads up our Health Insurance division, which involves helping our clients find appropriate health, as well as life, dental, vision and disability insurance. He has recently expanded his expertise into the Property & Casualty side of the business, including commercial business/liability, as well as home, auto, and other personal property protection.

Scott truly wants the best for, and is willing to go above and beyond when advocating on behalf of our clients. Call Scott today and find out if he can help you with your needs.



Brief History

Dan founded "Chu & Associates" in 1991 in an office in Cleveland, working as a captive agent for UGA/Megalife. When he and Scott closed the Cleveland office and moved to Canal Fulton, it was with the view that:

1) we should ALWAYS try to work with the best interests of the CUSTOMER in mind.

2) the office should be a place where we WANT to come to work.



Christine Hill - Office Manager & Partner

Christine keeps the lights on for us and for that (and the paychecks), we thank her. But she encourages each of us to do our best, and does all of the "behind the curtain" stuff that we sometimes take for granted.

Christine joined Dan and Scott on a "temporary" basis, just to get everything set up when the office moved in November 2002. When the doors first opened in March 2003, she stayed and has become an indespensible member of our team.

Christine is very busy in the community. She teaches Sunday School, is an officer on the PTO committee for her daughter's school, and actively participates in Girl Scout activities. She's also a darn good cook!



Shawnda McCollum - P&C Agent/CSM & Partner

Shawnda joined CA in 2005 after deciding that a career as a computer programmer for corporations just wasn't her cup of tea. She worked her way up from Receptionist, to Customer Service Representative, to Customer Service Manager and has since become a licensed Agent in both Health and Property & Casualty (P&C) Lines and was offered a partnership in 2011.

Shawnda tries to retain her programming skills by developing and maintaining this CA website, and has developed the software we use to track your policies, contact info, and the summary notes that we use to track activity on your policies.

When she's not at work, Shawnda can often be found working in the garage, refurbishing old furniture, building something from old pallets, painting (again) another room in her house, or spending time with her husband, kids, and pets.



Barb Forrester - Health CSR

Barb takes care of our health insurance clients. Should you have any questions, contact Barb and she'll find the answer for you.