Classic Car Insurance

This corvette actually belongs to one of our clients!

Classic Car and Collector Auto Insurance

Do you have a collector car? Maybe you’ve been working on a project car for the last few years?

We have insurance available for the vehicle, the parts, the tools, and everything else relating to your classic or antique auto. The big thing you want to check when evaluating your coverage for your classic auto is Agreed Value vs. Stated Value. With Agreed Value, you and the insurance company agree right from the beginning what the value of your car is. You pay the premium for the auto being covered at that level, and if you have a total loss to that vehicle, that’s the amount you collect. All justifications as to that value are taken care of upfront to avoid negotiations at the time of a loss. With Stated Value, you “state” what you think the car is worth. You pay the premium based on that amount, but at the time of a loss, the insurance company will research what similar cars are being sold for at that moment in time and will base the amount of your claim on that value. We prefer to write agreed value policies for high value cars to avoid the unknowns at the time of a loss.