Personal Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

State Mandated Limits Aren’t Enough. Your auto represents one of the greatest exposures of liability you have. Don’t fall into the trap of buying minimum coverage because it is cheaper or because it only takes 15 minutes. Most of these policies leave large gaps of coverage that can leave you with tens of thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses if you are found liable for a car accident.

We will work with you to make sure you have adequate coverage at a rate you can afford.

There are many options when you are reviewing your auto coverage. How much is enough? How much is too much? Do you really need towing reimbursement? What if you get a rental car? Do you need different insurance if you drive a truck? Do you sometimes drive your vehicle for

The answers vary depending on your particular circumstances. We will ask a LOT of questions, but it’s all designed to ensure that you have adequate insurance without becoming insurance poor.

We have noticed that many times, our clients who originally went to those “do it yourself” insurance websites, are missing vital parts of their protection, and are paying for double coverage in others.

We will do a complete analysis and, when competitive, will provide you with a comprehensive comparison between your current policy and what we are offering you. We feel that our clients should be able to make an informed decision either way. If we’ve got the best package for you, we’ll show you why. If not, we’ll tell you to stay where you are. There is absolutely no pressure.

We are often asked which cars are best for teens. The IIHS (The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has compiled a list of cars they feel are the best choices. HERE

Optional Coverage

Policies vary greatly from company to company. What is standard with one, might be optional for another. The list below encompasses some types of coverage that may or may not be included with your current policy. If one or more of these options is important to you, or you have questions as to whether they apply to your situation, we encourage you to contact us for explanation and evaluation.

Auto Rental Reimbursement
Auto Loan “Gap” Coverage
New Vehicle Replacement
Accident Forgiveness
Violation Forgiveness
Golf Carts
Rental Car Coverage
Personal Property in Your Car
Custom Equipment